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Over the last month, I’ve seen so much content being pushed out about the deeper meaning of COVID-19. Since the virus has hit the US we have seen our healthcare system, economy and everything in between take a drastic hit. Even more so, the individual risk has grown in such a short period of time to now social distancing efforts are not suggestions but state-mandated. So, what have you been doing since being inside? I remember the “good ole days” i.e about two months ago when I would complain about not having enough hours in the day to really get done what I want to get done. Simple things like working out, developing a multi-step skincare routine, more alone time with God and to be honest, opportunities for REAL rest. Well Jessika, you got your wish and your complaints have made it all the way to the top because now, all I have is time. Just as much as I have seen negative media about the virus, I have seen positive content from my peers. Some were showing some new books they picked up to read, others reviewing a popular Netflix show but there was one tweet that circulated almost every hour of the day in different forms. It read:

I totally agreed with this. I mean given the time at hand (in all of its access) it should be spent in a way that is developing you as a person. However, my critique is that some things aren’t for everybody.

I mean let’s face it, we ALL cant be entrepreneurs or write the next Shakespeare equivalent. I believe that we are placed on this earth to fill voids and needs that no one else is destined to complete but you. So I agree with a lot of commentary about this tweet. Don’t go out there and do something you know, it is not you. Creating a business or maybe starting a youtube sounds cool and is in right now, but that doesn’t mean that’s what God is hoping you spend your time doing. Stop trying to be like everyone else and be you, sis. But also be intentional about how you’re spending your time, along with the “don’t be like everyone else tip”, just because something is accessible to do doesn’t mean you should do it. I’m here to give you 5 ways to use your new availability in a professionally productive way so that the benefits will show well beyond COVID-19. A couple of nights ago, my boyfriend and I had a conversation about what God is saying during this season. With close to everything being closed and outside being “canceled” all you’re left to do is be in your home. So what do you do? And he hit me with a point similar to what the above tweet was trying to get across. It was the fact that we should all be asking ourselves what didn’t I have time for then that I do now AND will that bring me closer to the purpose God has for me. So I sat with that for a while because often times its easy to just order a book because everyone on your Instagram feed is reading it or learn a skill that seems to be popular but will that be the seed that needs to be sown to push you closer to where God wants you to be?

Tip #1 Learn a new (relevant) skill. What is your ultimate career goal? Whether you are in college or in your first job, you have to ask yourself what’s next and what better time to prepare to be in that position than right now. I have aspirations to be a sales executive at a major firm using diverse marketing and advertising to assist in growth. At a minimum, that role requires an MBA and over 10 years of experience. So to use my time, I take courses on LinkedIn Learning. It’s free given that your employer uses LinkedIn for recruiting however, you can get one month free right now. See here. Subjects range from Leadership to Beginner Excel and creative software like Photoshop and Wordpress. The best part is that once you complete the course, a certification gets added to your LinkedIn profile for recruiters to see. Tip #2 Subscribe to (relevant) Youtube channels. If you’re someone like me who uses Youtube more than Google to find something out, I highly recommend this step. As a visual learner, I thrive best when I can see moving images to get a picture of a particular topic area. Since the economy has been heavily affected by COVID-19 I became interested in learning about the effects of low-interest rates on my everyday life. Marco with Whiteboard Fiance on Youtube breaks down what is happening in real life to a level that is easy to understand so you know if or how you will be affected given the constant economic changes. See his page here. I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time regarding what the stimulus checks were as well as what does 10M people unemployed actually mean. There are so many channels about real estate investing, environmental impact and healthcare that free knowledge in today’s world is actually FREE. Tip #3 Update your resume/LinkedIn Let’s be honest, in the last 3-6 months, there have been changes in your life, especially on the professional level. Why not take this time to update your professional accounts with new job descriptions, maybe you advanced into a new role or project or maybe you joined a club or organization. I have been at my current role for 8 months and I have yet to update my resume with my new role and responsibilities. Don’t know how to describe what you did at that job or how to make an organization look relevant to what you want to do in your career? No worries, Workin Girl offers professional services. Let us take a look and help you make the necessary changes to your resume and/or LinkedIn account. We are coming out of this better than ever with one giant step towards greater success. Check out our Instagram page on where to book your appointment! Tip #4 RSVP for a webinar Life, as we know it in the professional and educational space, has moved online. From job interviews, campus tours, instruction, and even thesis defensives, everyone is using technology to bring people together. Do you have aspirations to go to a particular medical or graduate school program? Did you know that schools are offering FREE webinars to prospective students to gain knowledge and ask questions to admission staff directly? This is a great opportunity to get your name in the door for a specific program early on. Why not take advantage of hopping on a virtual campus tour hosted by a student across the country. The possibilities are endless to gain professional knowledge right in your home. Some organizations that are hosting consistent career panels, resume workshops, and other topics are Jopwell, Forte Foundation, Google and MLT. Register as soon as possible as spots do fill up for these events. Tip #5 Watch (thought-provoking) TV. I know, I know, we all want to sit and binge-watch everything in the Netflix queue. I get it, I do it too but I’ve had to get out of that, to then in turn watch inspirational, educational or moving TV shows and movies. Sometimes we want to relax and not use our brain but there has to be a balance. In times where you are looking for something new to watch or maybe looking for a pick up from working hard on your God-Idea (we’ll talk about this next time) check out some of these TV shows and movie recommendations that have changed my life. - Selfmade - The Banker - Wolf of Wallstreet - Pursuit of Happiness - The Founder - Dirty Money - Conspiracies - America’s Book of Secrets So. how about that? I encourage you to continue your efforts towards being productive, professionally during this time. So that you and I can come out of this season bigger and better than before. I believe in you and we are workin on this together.

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