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Werk at Work

New Year, New You and this time around we are taking a dive in the deep end. I don't know about you but it has taken me a really long time to figure out what my "style" is. For years I have struggled with putting together outfits that are both comfortable and stylish. This problem didn't become any easier with the rise of Instagram influencers and fast fashion brands because just when I got my grasp on how to wear what was "in", yall were already onto the next trend. I seriously cannot keep up, so now I just admire those from afar who get it and stick to it. But with that, I did try to figure out what my style was just so I could have an understanding of what I personally like vs what I don't, regardless of the season or current trend. Many cosmopolitan style quizzes and hundreds of Youtube videos later I realized that I didn't fit into just one style box. "Out of these options which one would you wear with a night out with friends", "Which one would you wear on the first day of school", "Which one would you wear on a date". These were just a few questions I would get during one of the style quizzes and I quickly realized that depending on the occasion, what I would realistically wear would change. Now to us regular girls that makes a lot of sense. Wearing a club dress with a night out with friends is going to be different than wearing Jordan Ones with sweatpants to class. But to the fashion community, you get asked questions about if you're feeling okay when you decide to venture into a different style category. My philosophy is this... wear what the hell you want to wear because your comfortability matters more than the conformity of what's trendy. Maybe you're primarily bohemian with a touch of glam or maybe you're preppy with a healthily mix of sporty. Who cares, if ya feel good then that's what matters.

Taking this philosophy and trying to apply it into a corporate setting can bring its challenges. The culture of many corporations can often be described as tense, judgmental and competitive. Unconsciously our take on corporate environments play into what is deemed appropriate to wear into the office. There are many factors when it comes to how these "rules" were first established but most of them are rooted in racism and classicism. I didn't own my first two-piece skirt suit until my sophomore year of college. One that wasn't thrifted and of good quality which in turn cost me good money. $200 to be exact and my entire thought process was "this $200 suit is supposedly the key to a successful future. Yeah sure to some extent that is true but I only think that way when it comes to landing a job. For every interview, I would highly suggest investing in a high-quality suit. First impressions are everything and looking the part is 80% of the interview. But what happens once you already have the job? Why is it that you feel like you have to take that same tired, boring looking skirt suit and stunt in your cubical? You don't have to. If there is one style box I can hit every time it is workwear. Cute, fashion-forward workwear that allows me to feel good and look good. Without breaking those existing nonexisting corporate rules on attire. "But Jessika... workwear is not my thing and I want to explore how I can bring a sense of style of my outfits". Well, honey, I got just the fix you are looking for. A Workin Girl's Guide to WERK in the Office: These are my own opinions from what I have gathered through my experience. Take everything with a grain of salt and if you're feeling it-do it. There is no right or wrong with this. Tip #1: Get A Suit Whether you are waiting for your time to shine in the corporate space or you’re already in the game, you need to invest in a suit. One that is both comfortable but stylish. My rule of thumb is to have one navy, black or grey skirt or dress suit that is flattering enough to be fashionable but business enough to put your best foot forward for an interview/presentation. When you walk in you want everyone to think "she means business".


And if you’re feeling bold, play around with colors and patterns. You’ll be surprised how professional a plaid suit can look if paired with the right items. Tip #2: Bundle Up

Ever heard of a work coat? Yeah me neither. Its wintertime, but that shouldn't be an excuse for why you have on a bomb outfit paired with your North Face bubble coat.

Common now, you shouldn't wait to give people the goods when its time to take off your jacket but stepping outside pimped out will make that commute to work your own personal fashion show. People will stare but only because you’re killing that fit out the gate. Tip #3: Be dramatic Stop what you are doing. Put the white button-down back on the rack. Its 2020, if you’re still wearing basic button-downs with every outfit...please give me a call.

I'm just kidding but sis, we really need to get you together. Whenever I’m wearing a basic bottom, I like to get dramatic with my tops, or vice versa. Playing with the shoulders, sleeves or even structure can really make your outfit stand out while remaining professional. Tip #4: Have Fun Your job is already hard as it is. Looks aren't everything and I do understand they play a part in corporate culture.


But if you are confident and taking baby steps with each outfit I promise, you'll be pulling out Instagram worthy workwear fits on the daily. And that's period. We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Catch us every other Friday at 8 pm Like, Subscribe and Share this with your favorite gal pals. Follow Us on Instagram @workingirlblog

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