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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

“Music is a gateway to the soul, A knock to the doors of thoughts, A reach to the wonders of creator, An approach to the emotions irrespective of feeling them actually.” - Parwaz. I always had an appreciation for music and the way it has made me feel. A heartbreak, being in your bag, walking in independence, getting over grief and even celebrating life's milestones, we easily run to songs. These songs allow us to actually feel when we try to run from our feelings. It also provides an opportunity for inspiration to know that this moment is not going to last forever. It's interesting how a song created by someone else, who doesn't know me and was not thinking of me in my situation can capture the words and feelings I have but don't have the strength to speak it aloud. Throughout my life, music has always been there. Especially gospel music. There’s something about the name Jesus. Now I'm not trying to be corny in saying that, but it's true! It's something about singing and feeling the songs about God that send me to a different place. I'm sure you feel the same way. When something bad happens, or when something good happens there's that one song that gets you crying on your knees or jumping up and down. That is the beauty in music, but when you get into the realm of gospel, oh it takes me there. Every. Single. Time. Gospel music has that sound where you can be doing anything and listen to it without a second thought on if this is appropriate. I’ve heard Marvin Sap played in the club, Kirk Franklin blasting at a college event and Tosha Cobbs playing in the background at the gym. It always seems like, in whatever space, it's fine to play a little gospel.

Although the music created by some of the artists mentioned above have gotten me through some hard times, more recently I have found myself listening to newer artists and different takes on gospel music to really push me through. There's something about 2020 that I have yet to be able to put my finger on. With celebrity deaths, a health panic and even my own internal thoughts have taken my mind beyond what I can comprehend. I've been resulting in gospel music more than I ever have to be able to see the light in what seems to be so dark at this time but also searching for that pick me up we all need. I wanted to share my current Top 5 gospel songs that have been essential in my every day “listen to music” time. These are songs that I either would never have listened to if I wasn't in the situation where I first heard them but also some that may be new to those of us who grew up on the artists mentioned previously. My hope is that you find motivation, a new spark to how you have been feeling about 2020 and your current situation. Happy or sad, up or down music can intensify those emotions in a way that is indescribable. At the end of my list, I will also include some honorable mentions from our followers who have been really feeling some additional songs that you can add to your playlist as well. Top 5: "Glory to Glory (Live) "- Bethel Music & William Matthews Right out of the gates, I’m hitting yall with a “style” that is/was very new to me. This song was first heard during a Sunday service at bedside baptist, I was listening to Transformation Church where they sang this song that had me singing the words less than a minute within the song. Now for yall traditional folks, I can see how this may not be your jam. Just the “rock” style of the song can make some people believe that this wouldn’t be sufficient for them. I too, also had a similar critique to the song when I first heard it, but when it is just you and God...whew. Listening to the words, “We go from glory to glory to glory, we’ll never be the same, you take us higher and higher and higher, we’re forever changed”. This gives me so much hope and hype to know that God is still with me. That I will continue to give him the praise he deserves for moving me to a place where I do not have to go back. As a Christian, you gotta stop praising for people's eyes but to make it about you and God. Regardless of “style”, the Lord will accept your worship. Top 4: "It is finished " - (feat. Melodie Malone) [ Acoustic ] This song serves as that weekly reminder of who God is. I mean sometimes we really “forget” who God is and the power he has to really take control over a situation. We serve a living God, one that has “triumphed over death, FOREVER”. Common now, that mountain that is in front of you “He alone has won it all”. And baby, “it is done, it is finished and Christ has won”. Every time I listen to this, it gives me that push that how I feel is not permanent. Sometimes we need that reassurance, that God hears us and we aren't crazy to have faith that this will turn around for us. There are many versions of this song both live and studio edit however this acoustic really drives the message home. Top 3: "Psalms 18 ( I will call on the name) "- Todd Dulaney Todd Dulaney has always been that hype gospel music that gets me jumping up. This new single gives me that same hype feeling where when the beat comes in around the four-minute mark I'm already shuffling my feet down the hallway. I appreciate the musicality this song has, with the tambourine in the back and the bass just bringing it to another level. “I will call on the name of the Lord”, surely in any situation, this statement is relevant. I call on Jesus while I'm on the train in hopes I get a seat during my ride, I call on the name of the Lord that I will get an extra chicken nugget in my 8 count Chick Fil A because the 12 is too much and 9/10 nuggets are perfect. All jokes aside I am really feeling this song and once I learn all the words, you cannot stop me! This song starts off by just a single “I love you, oh Lord”. How many of yall love the Lord? Not because of what he has provided but just who he is in all that he is. The song captures all that love to sing unto the Lord during your time of worship.

Top 2 (but definitely not two cuz honeyyyyyy): "Excellent"- Sunday Service Choir OHHHHHHH LORDDDDDD is right!!!! I legit cannot get over this album altogether but this song is it. It gives me that old school choir vibe but with just a new flavor that all ages can enjoy. I have this song on my more uplifting playlist because it just makes me feel so good. A song worth just singing in the bathroom as you prepare for your day or in the car on the way to work that wouldn't have you sobbing but give you that comfort that the Lord is good. I also want to mention that Kanye has gotten a lot of critiques regarding his take on gospel music and the “ingenuity” of Sunday Service. I will leave my personal opinions out of it but Jesus is King does not do it as close to or at all for me as this Sunday Service Choir. In my head, I have separated the two and can honestly say this album is what I wanted from the jump. And they GAVE it for the peoples but most importantly God. Top 1: "More Than Anything" - Sunday Service Choir I-, I just, I mean like. Let me just say, I legit have nothing to say about this one. It has just taken me to new heights on how I can go from 0 to 100 when I hear it. The beginning is a build-up to when homegirl comes in and just SENDS ME. Immediate waterworks and on my knees, hands lifted just giving all I have. Most times when I turn this song on, it is because I don't have it in my at that time. That there is a drop in my left to give and I am choosing to give it to the Lord to exhaust all options. I can really go on all day as to why this is my Top 1 song right now and how everyone should have this on their praise playlist. It gives hope, increases my faith, allows for there to be a true exchange between my worship and God talking. This song also makes me wish I could sing. No funny, I pretend to really belt this out onto the Lord because the way homegirl SENDS ME, sheesh don't give me a mic. Also towards the end of the song, you hear individual voices just praying and giving thanks to God. It sends chills down my back. I have linked every song with a youtube link that you can click on and give my Top 5 a listen. I am excited for more music to come out and see how my worship will evolve throughout the year. I hope this blog was new and fresh but also helpful in giving you what you are seeking. As always, I am grateful for the support of Workin Girl from readers like you and from our followers who have expressed their gratitude for the content that we put out. I extend a huge thank you and I can't wait to see what you do in Christ. HONORABLE MENTIONS from our followers: @kiah.nikole - “It Has Been Established” x Jekalyn Carr and “People” x Jonathan McReynolds

@kams_every_woman - “Is My Living In Vain” x The Clark Sisters

@jaxminerachel - “Healing” (with Vision) [ Live ] x Richard Smallwood Thank you for reading this week's blog and we will see you soon!

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