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Tis the season

Whew! Aren't you glad that's over? I don't know about you gals but the days leading up to Christmas give me so much anxiety. Running from mall, to mall grabbing gifts for this person and that person with thoughts in the back of my head on if they would even like this. Especially when for years I would get gifts from people that made me question if they would even wear this. But aside from the gifts, which really don’t matter in the grand scheme of it, how was it for you? Truthfully?

Tis the season. It feels like when you walk out the door minutes after finishing Thanksgiving dinner, Santa's elves took over your home town in a matter of seconds. I mean the lights on every street corner, Target is already filled with the holiday decor and your mom is already talking about when yall are getting the tree. No time is wasted when it comes to getting everyone into the holiday spirit. This was my first Christmas being “on my own”. A new state, a new place and this time felt like I had laid out runway to do what I felt to be important. It's hard to go against the grain of what your parents taught you to do or see for the holidays but I’ve noticed that there is one thing my parents didn't teach or show me. That is, in the midst of giving unto others, what about you? I mean you've been good, you've had a year worth celebrating and what I’m really saying is you shouldn't look to grandma, mom, and dad to show you their love and support through gifts when validation comes directly from you, honey. Maybe you aren't in need of those new shoes or a new phone because you're actually in need of love and peace. Are you proud of your year, are you celebrating you from where you came from in January to December? We’ll get into it. But for starters ill take a line from one of my favorite shows... “Treat yo self”.


To be jolly. This is supposed to be a happy time. A time where family and friends get together underneath the Christmas tree, getting full off of family recipes. But from December 1st to December 25th have you ever found yourself unhappy about something? Crying in your room about that thing you couldn't control? I know I have. And I'm not saying this as if it should be normal but why is it that during the greatest time of year, you are feeling the worst about yourself, or things aren't working out like you thought they should and to be honest you have no idea who to talk to about it. Maybe I'm getting too much in your business or spilling too much of mine but all I know is that it feels like the end of the year brings more stress and anxiety to my life than any of the months prior. The pressure is real. I mean people go into debt over Christmas gifts for their loved ones, grief is at an all-time high, your family bombards you with one hundred questions about your life and why you aren't like your older cousin so so whos doing x, y, and z. Not only that but in less than a week you're going to be faced with 365 days to make that year “better” than this one and you're stuck trynna understand how to even take control over it. First off, breathe. Secondly, I’m with you. Right beside you actually. But maybe that isn't you. Maybe you are jolly. Cheerful and ready to take on what the year ahead is going to bring. You've learned how to manage your family's ignorance and to be honest, you've grown to love people for where they are at and that's it. So I go back to my first point of this post. Did you, celebrate you this holiday season? And when I say celebrate you, I don't mean you and your friends from home going out and catching up, or you tryna meet up with an old fling cuz its break. I mean was there a gift that was labeled to you, from you. It sounds crazy but in practice, for me, this is self-care. Yes, I get my nails done from time to time and a massage here and there but as an overall “yay girl you survived the year!” I didn't really do that until now. With me doing it, I didn't just go out and get myself some new shoes or a new phone. I got something that in turn will help me reach my goals and dreams for the upcoming year. That is self-love. Putting yourself in a position for what you need or want to accomplish. We are being intentional in 2020, about everything. The clothes we buy to the shoes we wear. Everything is a stepping stone to that next goal or that next level you want to get at. And it starts small. So what did I get for myself? Now before I tell you just as a disclaimer, what I need is different from what the next person needs and I already know for a lot of y'all this is probably like a "girl what?" type of thing. I got myself a passport. A lot went into it in terms of reason and as of now I'm not planning for a big trip but I felt like it's these types of things that are next level. It's these types of things that set me up for the life I want. I can't say I want to travel in the upcoming years and see new things when I don't even have a passport. That's how some of yall be about your goals. “I want to start a business” but you haven't opened your laptop to even begin the research…”I want to be debt-free” but sis, you haven't read the books and created the budget necessary for you properly save the money or even “I want to start investing” and yet you don't have the knowledge needed to properly get started. Self-care and loving yourself starts with taking the steps needed to reach that next level. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la Since I’ve started writing this blog preparation and purpose are the two words I can't get out of my head. And maybe you're an active follower and read our posts when they come out but I suggest going back to our first post and reading each one leading up to this one. Not planned at all but it’s starting to feel like I'm writing a story that builds on each week and Workin Girl is meant to elevate you in areas that matter. I trust that with every post you are being filled in ways that are leading to a breakthrough in an area of your life. Put yourself first, especially during the holidays. Because no one can love you more than you love yourself. I pray that if you are going through grief in this season, or if your family dynamic is at its all-time worst or if your parents couldn't afford to give you everything you asked for, I believe that someone else reading this is purposed to be a blessing to you in these last days of the year. Text your friends, call your grandparents and importantly speak to God about what you are in need of. You will overcome this battle and God will use you in ways you couldn't even imagine. It's not a coincidence that at the end of each year everyone's heart is filled with giving. It's simple and I want you to think about it. What you are putting out in gifts, or in service to the unfortunate during the holidays and the investment of yourself, you're going to receive back tenfold, that being in the new year and beyond. Its working out girl. And I cant wait to see what you're about to do. See y'all in 2020! Catch us every other Friday at 8 pm EST. Comment, Like and Submit any topics you would like to be talked about. Follow us on Instagram! @workingirlblog Subscribe to our email list!

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